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Our mission: We provide moments of happiness in everyday life with pure refreshment and varied enjoyment.

50 Jahre Kaffee Partner

Kaffee Partner celebrates 50th anniversary

Real success does not come by chance

Kaffee Partner started renting out fully automated coffee machines for the commercial sector back in 1973. And even in 2023, the year in which we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are driven by a passion for high-quality coffee enjoyment. Thus, we place the highest demands on the quality of our machines and products and offer our customers personal service, at any time and in a direct manner. Design also plays an important role for us, because we want our customers to be spoiled not only culinary, but also visually.

For 50 years of trust in Kaffee Partner, we say thank you to all our customers and companions and look forward to continuing to work together.

Our management

Jörg Baumgart - CEO Kaffee Partner Holding

Jörg Baumgart (1st from left) has many years of experience in the food market at national and international level.
He has worked for apetito since 2007 and has been a member of the Executive Board since 2012. Prior to this, the economics graduate and financial expert worked for ten years at the Thyssen-Krupp Group, including as Commercial Director in Romania and Germany and as Head of Controlling in France.

Roger Lang - CFO Kaffee Partner Holding

Roger Lang (2nd from left) has many years of experience in internationally orientated companies.
He joined PartyLite in 2013 as Director Finance for the DACH region. He previously worked for nine years at ADP Dealer Services as Director Finance & Controlling before joining Kaffee Partner as Director Finance, Controlling, Legal & IT in July 2021.

Together, CEO Jörg Baumgart and CFO Roger Lang have formed a dual management team since November 2023.

The two managing directors of Kaffee Partner Jorg Baumgart (CEO) & Roger Lang (CFO) stand side by side and smile into the camera
f.l.t.r.: Jörg Baumgart, Roger Lang

The best team ensuring the best enjoyment

We do not know whether or not all 600 of our employees came to work for us just because we clearly have the best workplace coffee. We are also very attractive to applicants as a multiple award-winning employer. But what we can say with certainty: Our employees in the field, in technical services, on the hotline and in administration are happy with themselves and with their jobs, just like our customers. You can trust us.

Find out more about the Kaffee Partner team and how you could join the "Team for Enjoyment" on our careers page.

Your career at Kaffee Partner
Kaffee Partner's employees at a table

Our partners

Without our partners, we would only be half as good. That's why we are grateful to have them by our side and to grow stronger together. See who our partners are here.

Sustainability Policy of Kaffee Partner Group

We define sustainability as the responsible use of our planet's finite resources so that they continue to be available to future generations. The abbreviation ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) has established itself in the corporate world as a standard for the evaluation of sustainability efforts. Our Sustainability Policy defines the relevance of ESG in our business activities. At the same time, it documents our efforts to continuously advance and improve the topic.

Enjoy cappuccino from Gastro fully automatic coffee machine in café

More than 70,000 customers have decided.

Kaffee Partner is their partner in bringing joy! From bakers to hairdressers and dentists, from offices to retail: We cherish all our happy connoisseurs - and all our new customers too!

Happy customers

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Find out about our limitless passion for coffee!

Every day, more than two million cups of coffee, cappuccinos, espressos and other speciality coffees are made all over the country with Kaffee Partner coffee machines. With more than 70,000 customers in all industries, our company has become the market leader in supplying coffee to small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to live out their passion for coffee by renting or leasing economical, automatic coffee machines. Instead of investing in an expensive automatic coffee machine, unable to depend on a direct contact person for maintenance and repairs, for more than four decades we have offered our customers high-quality automatic coffee machines and full customer service, leaving nothing to be desired.

Your passion for coffee will grow even more effortlessly with our help, as our large selection of coffee machines and accessories can meet all of your needs. Advice about and servicing for your coffee machine is of paramount importance to us, ensuring that you know that you are renting the best machine for your needs.

Read more about our story to experience our passion for coffee.

For many decades, more and more people in this country have wanted more than just a normal cup of coffee from their coffee machine. To invite people to use a coffee machine in a public room or in a company, a large selection of speciality coffees should be made available, which naturally also invites employees or managers of the company to likewise enjoy a cup of coffee. More than four decades ago, Kaffee Partner recognised people's changing passions for coffee and started leasing the first coffee machines to the commercial sector. Right up to today, new and ingenious coffee systems are being created all the time, meeting every need and supplying both the small offices and the huge coffee needs of public spaces.

You can expect a first-class, fresh taste from every cup of coffee poured by a Kaffee Partner machine, as the beans are ground first and then the other ingredients are added. Our experience and the continuous development of our products have ensured that machine coffee is now perceived as a quality product, and furthermore, that it awakes a passion for coffee in you. Naturally, all of our automatic coffee machines are subject to continuous optimisation, so that, in the future, it is much quicker to access an even larger selection of exquisite hot beverages..

Sustainability and friendly customer service - Kaffee Partner believe they are vital!

Since the day it was founded, a commitment to sustainability has been a constant concern for Kaffee Partner, so that they can make every cup of coffee with a good conscience. Our company supports fair trade of coffee and other materials, and we also support aid organisation and social projects in different growing regions, contributing to improving quality of life. As an interested party or customer of our company, you are always in good hands, ensuring that you can pursue your passion for coffee thanks to constant and competent advice. Even before you rent a coffee machine, we love to make personal contact and to get an on-site overview of your coffee needs, as well as speciality beverages.

Orientated towards your needs, we can show you which coffee machine from our range would be best for you. During the rental, we are naturally your point of contact for all suggestions or technical problems and our customer service hotline is open seven days a week. Depending on the selected model, remote device maintenance is possible, and if not, one of the company's more than 130 service employees can arrive on-site to give an overview of the present defects. We believe that these extra services, alongside many more, are a par for the course and so we can help you live out your coffee dreams by leasing a coffee machine with our professional support!