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From small businesses to corporations: find out why our customers trust us

Already 70.000 companies trust Kaffee Partner

Coffee supplier and gastro partner for our sports cooperations

Kaffee Partner Customer with miniBona 2

Billy Goat Partner for 1. FC Köln

Since the start of the 2021/22 football season, 1. FC Köln has also been one of our customers. We are the club's new gastro partner. Fans can now enjoy our delicious coffee at home matches, as we have equipped the business area of the RheinEnergie STADION with 40 fully automatic coffee machines and a high-quality coffee bar. In addition, we supply 1. FC Köln with all coffee products and also take care of on-site service through one of our 150 permanently employed service technicians.

Power play on the machine -
BISSness partner for enjoyment

Kaffee Partner has been a BISSness Partner of the Cologne Sharks since the 2022/2023 season. A total of six fully automatic coffee machines provide coffee for the business guests. "Particularly on league match days, when things heat up on the ice, a reliable partner is also important in the catering area," says Sebastian Werners, Senior Manager Sales & Partnerships of the Cologne Sharks.
In the selection process, the multiBona 3 ultimately came out on top - a powerful and reliable device from Kaffee Partner. "We are very satisfied with the handling of the equipment and the quality of the coffee. We would choose Kaffee Partner again at any time".  

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Kaffee Partner Customer with miniBona 2

Our fully automatic coffee machines fit in every office

Volker Breid enjoys new fully automatic coffee machines and water dispensers from Kaffee Partner
Volker Breid, COO, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

With the completion of the F.A.Z. Tower, the employees of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) have a new company headquarters of superlatives: 60 metres high, 22,000 square metres of office space and - how could it be otherwise - first-class coffee from Kaffee Partner. Kaffee Partner equipped a total of 32 office kitchens with coffee and water appliances. Despite a tight schedule, the technical field staff got all the appliances up and running on time.

„An excellent newspaper is best read with an excellent coffee. We use various coffee machines and water dispensers from Kaffee Partner on all floors of the new F.A.Z. Tower.“
– Volker Breid, Chief Operating Officer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Venice Communications GmbH & Co. KG

The personal is also the be-all and end-all in the job!
„For more than 20 years now, we have been working as a full-service advertising agency to develop the best possible solution for our clients. Each client as a person is at least as important to us as the company behind it. That's why we have been looking after quite a few of them for many years - the personal component is also incredibly valuable in business relationships.

And that's how I see it with my own employees as well. A good supply of fresh, filtered water and delicious coffee specialities are a great opportunity for me to express my appreciation for my team. Because satisfied and happy employees are motivated employees. And that, in a nutshell, is priceless! The fully automatic coffee machine from Kaffee Partner, on the other hand, is. The price-performance ratio is absolutely fair, because the fully automatic machine is automatically accompanied by a great service, which in the case of small "aches and pains" was often able to fix the problem within a day. Really commendable! We can absolutely identify with this service philosophy and are therefore very happy to have found our coffee partner in the truest sense of the word.“

Bettina Stockhausen, Owner venice Communications GmbH & Co. KG, chats in the coffee kitchen over a cup of coffee from the BARISTA Compact fully automatic coffee machine.
Bettina Stockhausen, Owner Venice Communications GmbH & Co. KG
Coffee Partner Customer Company Sinnott
Kaffee Partner at Dentaltechnik Sinnott + Kahle GmbH

Dentaltechnik Sinnott + Kahle GmbH

Long-time "employee" - our  multiBona 3
Founded more than 30 years ago, the Dentallabor Sinnott + Kahle now employs more than 40 people, and the crowds at the coffee machine are correspondingly large. "Team meeting and a hot coffee every morning - that's what our team has had in common for a long time. We have always been very satisfied with the quality and service of Kaffee Partner. Our multiBona 3 is indispensable and almost counts as a long-time employee," says boss Elvira Sinnott.

Enjoyment and service have convinced you
Perfect enjoyment and trust in the service were decisive criteria for them in choosing Kaffee Partner.

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„Drinking coffee together with my staff generates the best ideas, simply by the way. Our miniBona2 is the focus of our meetings and promotes creativity and fun at work. This creates emotions and team spirit, which is also reflected in our projects.“

Coffee partner customer Jenewein with fully automatic coffee machine and water dispenser
Christian Jenewein

CEO, Ing. Hermann Jenewein GmbH

„As an agency, we know that good coffee is important for our staff. That's why we provide a high-quality coffee machine on every floor.“

mso DIGITAL as reference customer
Sven Beckmann

CEO, mso digital

„It's hard to imagine our office without the black pick-me-up. In the past, there were regular problems with our fully automatic coffee machine from the electrical shop. With the multiBona 3, that's finally over - the coffee always tastes good, the cleaning runs at the touch of a button and if we have technical problems, the service is always there for us.“

Portrait by Dirk Fedder, Director Prodware Deutschland AG
Dirk Fedder

Director, Prodware Deutschland AG

„Things can get hectic for us sometimes - nothing works without the regular coffee and water booster. With Kaffee Partner and welltec, we have found the perfect package: high-quality equipment and top service at a fair price.“

Kaffee Partner customer with  his fully automatic coffee machine multiBona 3
Daniel Naber

Sales Team Leader, MEO Media

„For us, the question was not whether we could offer our employees a good coffee and water supply - but how. The decision for Kaffee Partner was then quite easy: coffee and water from a single source with full service and a good price-performance ratio.“

Sascha Wolff, Managing Partner, WOLFF Daten. People. Marketing. GmbH
Sascha Wolff

Managing Partner, WOLFF Daten. Menschen. Marketing.

„Thanks to the new BARISTA Compact, our coffee breaks are a kind of highlight at every event, every seminar and every function. The delicious taste and wide selection of speciality coffees means that all our participants always get their money's worth. The matching water dispenser provides refreshment in between.“

Two colleagues enjoy a coffee break next to a fully automatic coffee machine and water dispenser in the AWEWA-Coaching office
Sarah Mergenthaler & Ruth Simon

Trainerin & Organisation of AWEWA Coaching, Consulting, Seminary

„Since the change to Kaffee Partner, people meet more often again for a coffee in the canteen.“

Kaffee Partner customer Puerstinger High Purity Systems GmbH with fully automatic coffee machine
Office staff member

Puerstinger High Purity Systems GmbH

Fully automatic coffee machines for the catering trade and the to-go business

Roland Trettl with coffee machine from Kaffee Partner
Roland Trettl, Top chef and presenter

BARISTA Ultima delivers coffee enjoyment for the "Kitchen Club"

Top chef and presenter Roland Trettl has been hosting his "Kitchen Club" since 2021. Up to 16 visitors can experience exclusive cookery courses and events in a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen he has personally equipped.

Trettl himself describes his club as a "place of enjoyment and well-being". In addition to high-quality food, perfect coffee also plays a decisive role for him.

„With the fully automatic coffee machine from Kaffee Partner, I can offer the right coffee specialities for my guests' different tastes. The flavour, quality and service have impressed me across the board.“
- Roland Trettl, Top Chef and Presenter

Restaurant Wilhelms im Wälderhaus

In the restaurant Wilhelms im Wälderhaus with its varied cuisine, guests experience pure nature on their plates. The topic of sustainability has a particularly high priority - only seasonal and regional products are used. For the numerous guests, this means changing menus in the rhythm of nature. The enjoyment is supported with coffee supplies from Kaffee Partner.
"A good coffee provides our guests with a culinary beverage supply in addition to our refined prepared dishes. That's why we are very happy to have Kaffee Partner at our side," acknowledges Thomas Wahnschaffe, chef and operations manager of the restaurant. The fully automatic coffee machines adorn the restaurant and ensure that guests can sit back and relax with a cup of the finest coffee made from Fair Trade beans.

Coffee Partner Customer Restaurant Wilhelms im Wälderhaus with fully automatic coffee machine
Kaffee Partner at Restaurant Wilhelms

We are proud of a diverse and satisfied clientele

Customer with coffee machine miniBona

Painting company
Lars Beyerstedt

„The cappuccino with cocoa is our favourite coffee speciality and tastes unique from our miniBona 2.“

Kaffee Partner Customer Haus Eulennest with fully automatic coffee machine

Haus Eulennest

„Our day guests rave about the new coffee. Perfect.“

Two colleagues enjoy a coffee break next to a fully automatic coffee machine and water dispenser in the AWEWA-Coaching office

AWEWA Coaching, Consulting, Seminary

„With the BARISTA Compact, our coffee breaks are a highlight at every event or seminar. The delicious selection of coffee specialities delights all participants.“

Cooperation at eye level

customer hugging service employee thankfully

We place the highest value on transparency and customer satisfaction

Our contracts fill only one page, on which we clearly and unambiguously define all conditions. That is why our customers appreciate us:

  • Flexible rental concepts
  • Clear rental agreements
  • Maximum transparency in all contractual matters
  • Precise cost overviews
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Immediate help in case of problems

Many of our customers have been placing their trust in us for ten or 15 years and have realised for their respective companies how worthwhile and customer-friendly renting can be compared to buying their own equipment.

Ein Kunde von Kaffee Partner steht neben einem Kaffeevollautomaten

Gaining your own experience with Kaffee Partner

The Kaffee Partner experiences presented here are, of course, only a small sample of our diverse and enthusiastic clientele. Every year, more and more companies in the DACH region trust our experience in the market as well as our friendly service and set up a contract that meets their expectations.

Your satisfaction in the use of one or more fully automatic coffee machines takes the most important role, which is why we are happy to conduct a non-binding consultation in advance.