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Customer reviews of Kaffee Partner

70,000 satisfied customers can testify how good Kaffee Partner's coffee supply is.

Welcome to the fan club

The Kaffee Partner customer cosmos currently comprises 70,000 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It would be a bit too much to dedicate a profile to each and every one of them. So we have narrowed down the group and compiled a cross-industry portrait of our Kaffee Partner partnerships in film. What do famila, Deutsche Bahn or DPD think of Kaffee Partner? Here you can find out.

A good cup of coffee is like a good partnership - it all comes down to the particular blend! Since opening in October 2014, around 300 employees and customers each day have enjoyed the various coffee variations created by Kaffee Partner. Also, the design of the machines is an expression of both innovation and modernity, fitting in perfectly with DLL and our premises!
Jörg Woischnik Country Sales Manager, De Lage Landen Leasing GmbH
With our fully-automatic coffee machines from Kaffee Partner we can offer our workforce, the patients and visitors an optimal supply of hot drinks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Without great expense, the machine conjures up the different speciality coffees which simply taste great. The time of lukewarm, stale coffee from a bulk brewing unit is finally over in our clinic, thanks to Kaffee Partner.
Silvia Kerst Marketing and Company Communications Manager, Klinikum Osnabrück GmbH
Kaffee Partner is special to me because they are not just local, but above all, they also understand our business. We have Kaffee Partner in our tea kitchen, where we make many benefits available to our employees, and naturally Kaffee Partner and its coffee machines fit brilliantly into this portfolio.
Schahab Hosseiny Speaker of the Management Board, mso digital

Get to know us!

By telephone or on site, we will show you which of our fully-automatic coffee machines are most suitable for your purposes and how the rental will be priced. You do not have to fear unwanted additional costs, but you will benefit from our comprehensive service from the first day on.

So gather your own Kaffee Partner experience and contact us if you are interested or would like more information.

Satisfied customers and coffee connoisseurs

More than 70,000 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are now making use of our services, renting or leasing one or more coffee machines from Kaffee Partner.

In each place, we whisk every coffee lover into the wonderful world of coffee. Many of our customers have put their trust in us for 10 or 15 years and have seen how cost-effective and customer friendly renting is for their respective companies, in comparison with individual purchase.

We regularly record positive Kaffee Partner experiences, from which we take feedback from our customers, letting their suggestions inform our available services. On this website, you can get a basic glimpse of our testimonials - all the businesses listed here were more than willing to share their experiences of Kaffee Partner with you.

With a glance at the variety of sectors and the large scale in which our fully-automatic coffee machines are used, it may now be easier for you to decide to become our partner in the enhanced enjoyment of coffee!

Kaffee Partner experiences that we love to share

From our company headquarters in Osnabrück, we supply numerous customers in south west Lower Saxony and the Münster region - however, we offer our services throughout the state. Small and medium-sized companies make up a large part of our testimonials and so our coffee, cappuccinos etc. are enjoyed in conventional offices and meetings of all kinds.

As you can discover yourself from our showcased Kaffee Partner experiences, we provide for a single figure quantity of cups per day using a machine such as the multiBona, which is our flagship machine for simple requirements. Other machines such as the megaBona or vario are designed for three figure amounts of cups per day and therefore fulfil the needs of larger offices.

Many positive Kaffee Partner experiences have also been reported to us from the catering, bakery and other related sectors. You will find some of these companies also represented here. Through our flexible and variable approaches to leasing one or more coffee machines, you can employ the machines solely for internal company use or to offer your customers coffee and other speciality coffees commercially.

In any case, you will benefit from comprehensive service and quick remedying of any potential problems. Our outstanding service is a key contributor to the positive Kaffee Partner experiences our customers have had.

Get your own Kaffee Partner experience

The Kaffee Partner experiences presented here are, of course, only a small selection from our multifaceted and satisfied clientele. Every year, an increasing number of businesses from all over Germany put their trust in our experience and friendly service and draft a contract with which they can achieve the best use of fully automatic coffee machines in line with their expectations.

Your satisfaction when using one or more of our machines is of the utmost importance, which is why we carry out a non-binding consultation before purchase. On the telephone or on-site, we will show you which of our offered coffee machines fits most closely with your aims and how economical rent or leasing can be.

You need not worry about undesirable additional costs but you will benefit from our comprehensive service from day one. So get your own Kaffee Partner experience and register your interest with us or send a request for further information!

With our help, you will quickly see that leasing fully-automatic coffee machines in your sector and your company is worth it, and that your business costs are visibly reduced. Most importantly, however: You will benefit from freshly ground and delicious coffee, as well as the enjoyment of other hot drinks every day!

Over the years, we have been able to convince customers from all sectors and branches that our coffee concept is great. Fully-automatic coffee machines are the perfect all-rounder for the office, catering and other business sectors. The daily satisfaction of our customers and the increasing demand for our individual coffee machine service concept validates us in our work.

A great deal of positive feedback and our quest for the perfect coffee makes us a market leader in the sector. We are happy to advise you personally, on-site, regarding our coffee machines and to whisk you away into a world of carefree coffee enjoyment - from us, you are renting an individually adapted system solution!