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More than 70,000 customers have found their fully automatic coffee machine with us. Find yours too and benefit from our all-round carefree package:

  • Modern coffee machines with reliable technology
  • Flexible rental models for all company sizes and industries
  • Advice, service and coffee products from a single source
  • 150 Service technicians on site for you

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We admit: Sometimes, it is not easy to decide between two of our fully-automatic coffee machines - after all, they each have their own advantages. But once you have decided, it's all quite quick: Your new machine is delivered as quickly as possible to you and conjures up tasty coffees every day, even under the pressure of many years of use!

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More than 70,000 customers have decided.

Kaffee Partner is their partner in bringing joy! From bakers to hairdressers and dentists, from offices to retail: We cherish all our happy connoisseurs - and all our new customers too!

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Perfect coffee enjoyment is that simple.

Our trump card for small and cramped office spaces. The BARISTA Compact impresses with a space-saving design without compromising on quality and performance. Intuitive operation, a choice of 48 coffee specialties, state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive accessories offer every convenience.

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Powerful performance in a compact design.

The BARISTA Select is our small power giant with great coffee enjoyment. Its technical features include a precision grinder, two powder containers and a 7-inch colour touchscreen. With up to 72 coffee specialities, the BARISTA Select offers every coffee lover the right choice of hot drinks. And all this despite the fact that it is narrower than an A4 sheet of paper.

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multiBona 3

Can do everything. Except bad coffee.

The multiBona 3 can make anything for you - unless you're looking for a bad cup of coffee. 36 speciality coffees are programmed exclusively to be enjoyed, whilst taking up as little space as possible!

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Coffee enjoyment without compromise.

The BARISTA Suprema leaves nothing to be desired. With an impressive range of 48 coffee variations, it promises pure enjoyment for all tastes. The highlight: delicious iced drinks that give you refreshing coffee enjoyment. Thanks to the latest 10-inch color touchscreen, operation is intuitive and easy.

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Crema Duo

Coffee, just double the pleasure.

Two types of beans, two precision grinders, fresh milk and a selection of 13 speciality coffees, paired with Swiss technology and excellent design: The Crema Duo simply makes enjoying coffee twice as nice!

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Top technology for first-class coffee.

The queen among fully automatic coffee machines. The intuitive design with 7-inch colour touchscreen, simple operation and innovative technology meet all modern user requirements. Two bean containers, a coffee tray for an additional type of coffee and the double powder container promise a comprehensive coffee experience with barista quality. With the BARISTA Ultima, its name says it all.

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Ultima Duo 2

A touch of revolution.

A super-modern touch display and huge variety, which knows no limits, thanks to the separate grinders for coffee and espresso: With the Ultima Duo 2, you can indulge in the aroma of revolution!

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Name Persons Number of grinders Coffee variations Coffee machine detail page
BARISTA Compact For 7+ 1 Up to 48 Learn more
BARISTA Select For 7+ 1 Up to 72 Learn more
multiBona 3 Für 10+ 1 Up to 36 Learn more
BARISTA Suprema For 10+ 1 Up to 48 Learn more
Crema Duo For 25+ 2 Up to 14 Learn more
BARISTA Ultima For 50+ 2 Up to 36 Learn more
Ultima Duo 2 For 50+ 2 Up to 36 Learn more

What benefits does Kaffee Partner offer?

Kaffee Partner offers a number of benefits for companies compared to purchasing a fully automatic coffee machine from a retailer. Discover the advantages in our video.

With our help, you can rent the best fully-automatic coffee machine for your needs.

Tens of thousands of companies in Germany already trust in renting one or more of our coffee machines, benefiting from the combination of cheap maintenance costs and a fresh and diverse supply of coffee every day. All the coffee machines on this website guarantee the highest quality coffee in every cup, thanks to freshly-ground coffee beans, water filters and automatic device cleaning. The differences lie in their capacity and the number of speciality coffees available, meaning that different models are more appropriate for restaurants or offices. Entry level models such as the BARISTA Compact for small office spaces are available here, as well as coffee machines for bulk buyers, which can make several hundred cups a day, without reducing the taste or quality. Before renting a coffee machine, it's obviously worth taking a thorough look at the functions and technology of each model, in order to discover the best model to meet your individual needs.

Obviously, the different machines can be individually programmed, therefore exactly suiting the tastes of your customers or employees with their different speciality coffees. Plus, if you are renting a real and true coffee machine with us, they can do so much more than your average coffee or espresso machine. You can also make special hot beverages like hot chocolates or vanilla milk, meaning you can offer a tasty alternative to coffee for children and adults alike in your office or business!


Rent a fully-automatic coffee machine - we're happy to help you!

If you have been putting your trust in a classic coffee machine for a long time and are considering renting a fully-automatic coffee machine for the first time, you will understandably have a lot of questions. The cost factor when leasing or renting is just as relevant to making this decision as the other services provided, which can be expected from us as the provider. For any questions concerning our fully-automatic coffee machines or the principle of renting one, come straight to us! We can personally advise you or provide you with an on-site overview of the necessary capacity. From restaurants to small and medium-sized businesses in any industry, we are relied on to meet the needs of countless customers, each of whom trusts in our experience, just as you will.

Thanks to our individual terms and conditions, you will quickly learn the advantages to your business of renting a fully-automatic coffee machine and which services you can also benefit from. From remote maintenance to quick repairs, with more than 130 service engineers available across Germany to provide these services, we have countless extras available to add to the incentive for renting a coffee machine. So take a look at our diverse range of machines and use our customer service hotline - we look forward to providing you and your company with fresh, first-class coffees, espressos, cappuccinos and much more!