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Initial consultation for fully automatic coffee machines
Our team of experts to find the perfect fully automatic coffee machine for you.

+49 (0) 541 75045-153

Mon.–Thu.: 8.00 am–18.00 pm
Fri.: 8.00 am–16.00 pm

Customer service
For all matters relating to your contract and bills.

+49 (0) 541 75045-100

Mon.–Fri.: 7.30 am–18.00 pm

Product orders
Coffee, toppings, pastries, accessories and much more - simply order by phone.

+49 (0) 541 75045-140

Mon.–Fri.: 7.30 am–18.00 pm

Service Technician
For your technical support.

+49 (0) 541 75045-400

Mon.–Fri.: 7.00 am–18.00 pm
Sat.–Sun.: 9.00 am–16.00 pm
Holidays: 9.00 am–16.00 pm