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Coffee machines for bakeries

"Fresh" and "delicious" is possible for everyone. But which Kaffee Partner machine is best for your bakery? Get to know our high-performance and durable fully-automatic coffee machines.

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Whether it is a latte to go for a commuter in the morning or coffee and cake in the afternoon - with Kaffee Partner, every bakery puts themselves at the front of the local café competition. While our selection and quality pleases your guests, you are making a profit every time you press the button.

Coffee maker "Barista Ultima" from Kaffee Partner

Gourmet quality

This could be a good fit for you. Kaffee Partner has put together the ideal product and service package for modern, service-oriented bakeries:

  • Operation - perfect taste at the touch of a button.
  • Care - little effort but very hygienic.
  • Availability - 24/7 coffee thanks to solid technology.
  • Service - quick support, even on-site.
  • Supply - optional, with automatic delivery.
  • Design - award-winning and suitable for conference rooms.
  • Variety - coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Our fully-automatic coffee machines at a glance

From 20 cups per day to more than 300 cups per day. From espresso to latte macchiato to cocoa: We have the right fully-automatic coffee machine for all needs - for companies, service providers and restaurateurs.

Enjoy cappuccino from Gastro fully automatic coffee machine in café

More than 70,000 customers have decided.

Kaffee Partner is their partner in bringing joy! From bakers to hairdressers and dentists, from offices to retail: We cherish all our happy connoisseurs - and all our new customers too!

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Professional fully-automatic coffee machines for bakeries

Bakeries are bread suppliers and cafés at the same time. Whether in a small village or in the big city - they are everywhere. Along with their tasty baked goods, customers always look forward to a good coffee. As a bakery owner, you should be able to count on excellent coffee with an aromatic flavour.

Our fully-automatic coffee machines are optimally geared towards the needs of bakeries and can quickly and easily brew a large number of speciality coffees. Unlike other machines, you profit from high quality coffee and a comprehensive variety of functions from our gourmet machines. Perfect for anyone who insists on special tasting coffee.

The perfect coffee to go with your baked goods

Baked goods have always been served with an aromatic cup of coffee. Since the competition never sleeps and naturally, customers always go to the best bakery in town, quality and original ideas are key.

By renting a fully-automatic coffee machine, you can set new standards and profit from innovative technology.

Our fully-automatic coffee machines have been specially designed for the catering industry and can delight you with a large variety of functions. Latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, café au lait, coretto and café crème are only of the many coffee creations that you can magic up with our devices.

At the push of a button, a tasty coffee is brewed completely automatically in a short amount of time. Freshly ground coffee beans ensure a strong flavour and leave nothing to desire - so that you can win over every coffee-lover.

Bakeries often do not belong to large companies and therefore do not have the capital necessary for purchasing expensive fully-automatic coffee machines.

With our leasing model, we have created the optimal solution for small and large bakeries, offering innovative machines with reasonable terms and conditions.

Along with great fully-automatic coffee machines, you also get excellent customer service from us. From consultation on the best device for you, installation and instruction, right up to constant customer service and quick maintenance, we are always by your side.

Our experts are available for you throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Using our 7-day hot line, you can always reach our expert staff, who can solve all your issues and problems flexibly and without any issues. We believe that good customer service is a matter of course - making sure you are always supplied and happy is the most important thing to us.

A simple coffee machine in a bakery is unthinkable these days - simply because of the variety of speciality coffees that must be prepared. Every customer has a specific preference and wants to avoid a long wait to get it.

With our fully-automatic coffee machines, you can fulfil every wish and brew coffee to a high quality. We also deliver the appropriate filling products, so that you have to put in as little effort as possible.

Cups, coffee accessories, coffee beans, tea, cocoa, baked goods and much more can be found in our range. Original accessories and a wide range of types of coffee make the drinks prepared by our gourmet coffee machines something quite extraordinary.

Closer to customers and better flavour

When you rent one of our coffee machines, then you can look forward to coffee at a gourmet level. This will not only please you, but it will also be a joy for your customers.

With our excellent customer service and the perfect fully-automatic coffee machine, for bakeries big and small, we ensure our happy customers are making tasty coffee. Bring your bakery to the next level and trust in Kaffee Partner to help you serve the best coffee.