Coffee package Best Schümli is laying with equipment on a table

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Everything you need for your fully automatic coffee machine: Coffee beans, biscuits, accessories & Co.

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When you talk about quality, enjoyment and customer service, we aren't just talking about finely roasted beans. We are thinking one step further: Milk and sugar, cocoa and tea, baked goods and confectionery, glasses and china, care products and payment systems - everything you could expect from a real partner in coffee can be found in our exclusive partner shop. Discover the products in our shop.

Coffee package Best Schümli is laying with equipment on a table

Whole beans

The hot speciality coffees in this range spoil you with their tastes and aroma. The aroma of different kinds of coffee beans is brought to your palate in the best possible way by freshly-ground and brewed coffee made from whole beans. The strict selection procedure, the careful processing of the beans and the flair with which the experienced roasters work, all ensure that every single one of up to 800 flavours contained in each individual bean is carried into your coffee cup.

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Topping for coffee machines by Kaffee Partner

Milk, toppings & sugar

To satisfy all your individual drinking habits, milk and sugar are essential. How practical would it be to provide a way of offering, easily dispensing and hygienically storing their little doses of sweetness - or if your coffee machine could do it all for you!

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Cup and glass by Kaffee Partner

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For every coffee, we have the perfect cup, carafe, glass and accessory. So, create the perfect atmosphere and present your teas and coffees like you mean business, not in a paper cup. We would like to help you make your customers happy and leave a lasting impression.

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Coffee Beans, cleaning products and more

Once you have found the right fully-automatic coffee machine, the only thing that remains is getting the right filling products and accessories, In this range, Kaffee Partner offers a selection of different products, which make the perfect addition to your coffee machine. Here, you can find everything, from aromatic and unusual types of coffee beans to accessories such as cups, plates, biscuits and more.

For those who love to enjoy their cup of morning coffee to the full, the respective equipment for their coffee machine is imperative. We have a huge range waiting for you!

The best equipment for a perfect cup of coffee

With an innovative, fully-automatic coffee machine, you have already taken the first step towards delicious coffee. The next step should be deciding what kind of coffee you want, – or rather, which type of coffee bean. We present a wide range of both well-known, branded coffees and lesser-known, but aromatic varieties, as well as our own coffee beans. We can also offer you ground and instant coffee, depending on your needs. Which type of bean tastes better is obviously up to you. A little suggestion from us: Try out a few different types over time. Furthermore, to complement our coffees, we also have milk, sugar, teas and cocoa. So you can find all you need for a tasty hot beverage.

Those who love to drink coffee, and a lot of it, or even those who have a lot of coffee-loving visitors, should take a look at our coffee accessories. They cover everything you could ever need for a great cup. From cups, saucers and china sets with Kaffee Partner branding to glasses, spoons and thermal flasks, we have it all. We can help you prepare for a relaxed coffee morning and stock up completely.

For example, do you have anything, in which to present the baked goods that you have to go with your coffee? Here, you can find exactly that. When coupled with something sweet or rich, a cup of coffee can taste so much better. We always ensure that our snacks are original and unique - if possible, even as special as the coffee running from our coffee machines.

For those who take care to ensure that their coffee is consistently high-quality and pay attention to cleanliness, our cleaning range is worth a look. Here, we can offer anything you would need to look after your coffee machine. This includes cleaning tablets, disinfecting sprays, machine-cleaners, specialised cleaning products, cleaning brushes and much more. Residue and limescale not only affect the taste of your coffee, they can also damage the coffee machine itself. To prevent this, you should clean it regularly. Using our cleaning materials, this can be done easily and quickly by hand, so that you can always trust in a fully-functioning coffee machine that produces consistently high-quality coffee.

All you could ever need - Coffee and Co.

A fully-automatic coffee machine is the perfect opportunity to be able to enjoy a diverse range of different and delicious speciality coffees. So that you can enjoy your coffee with as little effort as possible, we’ll take care of all the important utensils and filling products. Our selected coffees ensure proven Kaffee Partner quality. With our coffee accessories, a modern coffee service is no longer a hassle.

Our cleaning accessories keep your device clean and fully functional. We can supply you with everything you need for a perfect cup of coffee. We believe that good customer service and innovative fully- automatic coffee machines go hand in hand.
Keep up-to-date with your coffee indulgence.