Possible applications for the coffee machine

Commercial coffee machines for any industry

Kaffee Partner guarantee: We find the right coffee system for every company and every industry.

The perfect cup of coffee, no matter what industry

With 50 years on the market, we can confirm: Every industry is different. This is what we have looked at very closely, creating individual solutions for restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and offices - specially prepared for your industry!

Loft office

Coffee machines for offices

Coffee for employees, comfort for guests and a tidy kitchen - count on Kaffee Partner in your office and kill all those birds with one stone. Find out for yourself.

Gastronomy customers enjoy the food

Coffee machines for restaurants

Espresso, latte, cappuccino or flat white - the world of coffee is diverse, its customers are demanding and you also have to find the right staff to begin with. So it's great that you have a constant to rely on, an expert in the art of coffee. With consistent quality and perfection, Kaffee Partner can win over even the coffee snobs and their guests - easily and reliably, at the touch of a button.

Customer checks in at hotel

Coffee makers for hotels

The breakfast buffet rush, a break between meetings or the arrival of a tour bus - from now on, we will help you deal with your rush hour. Kaffee Partner is there for you when you are asked for a literal gallon of coffee - cup for cup of the highest quality.

Coffee machines for bakeries

It's called coffee and cake for a reason: Aromatic coffee and tasty baked goods offered together will generate increased turnover. Transform your bakery into a profitable meeting point for both customers and great flavours by choosing Kaffee Partner.

woman stands behind a bar in a bakery
Large meeting round

Corporate coffee machines

With 50 years experience on the market: there is no one coffee machine for everyone. Every company has different requirements. That's why we also offer an optimal solution for large companies and corporations that need fully automatic coffee machines across several locations and for many hundreds of users. Let us inform you.

Enjoy cappuccino from Gastro fully automatic coffee machine in café

More than 70,000 customers have decided.

Kaffee Partner is their partner in bringing joy! From bakers to hairdressers and dentists, from offices to retail: We cherish all our happy connoisseurs - and all our new customers too!

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Rent a fully-automatic coffee machine for any industry

We have developed system solutions for every industry for leasing our fully-automatic coffee machines. For example, we offer individualised ideas for the restaurant, hotel, office and bakery industries. Naturally, we can also meet other demands. In cooperation with our customers, we are always developing new and individualised solutions.

With us, you are not just renting a few coffee machines, but rather you are benefiting from our special, complete customer services. These range from constantly available expert service engineers to providing first-class filling products. This is how we meet the demands of any industry and ensure the happiness of our customers.

The right coffee machine for your business

Each industry has its own demands and therefore needs coffee machines to match. Thanks to years of experience and the use of innovative technology, we can present many different coffee machine models. These cater perfectly to the respective needs of our customers and win them over with a large variety of functions.

If you are a catering specialist looking for a fully-automatic coffee machine for your guests, then we have great system solutions for you. We deliver tasty coffee at the touch of a button. Whether your guest would like to enjoy an aromatic latte macchiato at the bar, if they prefer a hot espresso after dinner or if they are interested in the wide range of other speciality coffees made by our automatic coffee machines - we can advise you on the best model for you to rent. We can provide coffee machines both for small restaurants and for large catering facilities.

Hotels always want to offer their guests exceptional customer service. To achieve this, the perfect cup of coffee is vital. For those who do not want to employ a professional barista, our fully-automatic coffee machines are perfect. We take care of the complete device installation, train your employees to use all of its functions, supply you with filling products and we are always available for any customer service questions. With our comprehensive customer service, we enable you to cater excellently for your guests, whilst decreasing your workload as much as possible.

Our fully-automatic machines supply freshly-ground and aromatic coffee in a short amount of time. These can be served to your guests in the hotel's restaurant, in the lobby or even in their rooms - all possibilities are open to you. Using a fully-automatic coffee machine in your business allows you to serve tasty coffee to your employees, as well as your guests. Afternoon drowsiness can easily be vanquished thanks to a little shot of caffeine. Simply place a fully-automatic machine in a central area, and every employee can easily serve themselves.

Our machines, equipped with telemetry modules, also allow easy remote management by computer - so you can easily adjust prices and fix any maintenance issues. All businesses want to care for and appreciate their employees and visitors as best as possible. Our office-coffee concepts provide exactly the assistance you need. To be able to design an individual solution for your needs, we offer free-of-charge and non-binding on-site consultations. A specially-trained member of our customer service team takes care of all of your requests.

Bakeries are hotspots for coffee-lovers. For those who want to stand out from the crowd and offer the best quality coffee to their guests, our first-class fully-automatic coffee machines are perfect. They supply you with every conceivable speciality coffee and, depending on the model, can be configured to individualise the beverage. It just takes the touch of a button and in no time, an aromatic coffee is conjured up. The classic duo: Baked goods and coffee. When your guest sits at their table and orders a croissant or something else buttery and sweet, a coffee is often the next thing on the list. With our coffee concepts, good customer service takes on a new meaning, helping you and your guests enjoy an unforgettable taste experience.

Diverse speciality coffees, just as you like them

Every industry has its own requirements for its coffee machines and each also requires a special, individual range of customer services. We help you with all of your requests and supply you with all the necessary filling products:

From coffee beans and cups and saucers to original supplementary products. Allow yourself to be enchanted by our services and by our innovative fully-automatic coffee machines. We are your partner in providing tasty coffee at the touch of a button.