We can do it "in lightening time".

"Grab a coffee" even quicker - without this phrase, office life is barely imaginable. But other things are harder to discuss: Who is making the coffee, who is going to clean up and who is going to order new beans? And what happens when the machine gives up the ghost? Without the right concept, it doesn't work. At Kaffee Partner, we have considered "grabbing a coffee" from beginning to end.

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Two people standing at a table drinking coffee
Image of the Kaffee Partner Crema Duo

The happy-employee-machine.

Coffee in the office at the push of a button - colleagues, customers and applicants will be awake in no time. Kaffee Partner takes care of the rest.

  • Operation - easy, quick and no need for training.
  • Care - little effort but very hygienic.
  • Availability - 24/7 coffee thanks to solid technology.
  • Service - quick support, even on-site.
  • Supply - optional, with automatic delivery.
  • Design - award-winning and suitable for conference rooms.
  • Variety - coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

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Service technicians

Happy customers

Coffee variations

Cups per day

Our coffee machines:

Whether it's a small family company or an open-plan office - one size of coffee machine does not fit all workplaces. But there is one that is perfect for yours. Here, you can compare our high-performance and durable coffee machines for your office.

Service technicians

Certainly available:

One quick look at our service fleet is enough to know that we take reliability, availability and partnership very seriously: More than 130 of our permanent service engineers function as your comprehensive taste-backup for when disaster strikes. Personally, quickly and competently, they protect the long-term enjoyment of Kaffee Partner coffee in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Kaffee Partner products

Variety from one supplier:

Kaffee Partner gives you the full programme: From different beans, baked goods, teas and cocoa and even crockery, we are your partner in providing modern beverage diversity.


More than 70,000
customers have decided.

Kaffee Partner is their partner in bringing joy! From bakers to hairdressers and dentists, from offices to retail: We cherish all our happy connoisseurs - and all our new customers too!

Happy customers

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The fully-automatic coffee machine for offices

For those who sit all day in the office, coffee is crucial. With our fully-automatic coffee machines, your company can prepare the perfect coffee right in the workplace. At the push of a button, our devices magic up every conceivable speciality coffee and grind fresh, aromatic coffee from different coffee beans. Fully-automatic coffee machines are worth it, not just for your own employees, but they are also great for customers and guests. Whether for the occasional caffeine-kick or simply a tasty hot drink - companies are best served with our gourmet coffee.

Great tasting moments for employees and guests

Working time in the office can sometimes be really hard and can cause stress, or even lead to weariness. Those who want to stay fit and active often reach for a cup of coffee. So that this also tastes great, the right coffee machine must be available. With a fully-automatic coffee machine, you can supply your employees with the right all-round solution. Here, all tastes and preferences are covered - from cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and espressos up to caffé ristretto, caffé doppio, café crème and much more. An automatic machine proves itself to be a real coffee specialist in contrast to conventional coffee machines. For those who like it individualised, they can also put together their own creations. Because everyone likes their coffee differently, this is a practical solution for all coffee-lovers.

The well-being of employees and guests should always be the main concern of any entrepreneur. With a fully-automatic coffee machine, you can offer tasty and aromatic coffee at a gourmet level. Our customer service concept takes all the hard work away. We come directly to you, on-site, to discuss individual solutions with you. This is how we can create the right concept and make a cost-effective offer. By renting a fully-automatic coffee machine, you save not only the high purchase price of a new device, but also you profit from our comprehensive customer service. With us, you get much more than just a coffee machine.

Our customer service team takes care of your every wish from the get-go. From initial consultation and answering service questions to quick repairs and maintenance. Our devices are designed so that you can work with the newest technology. With the help of telemetry modules, you can easily design pricing structures, manage troubleshooting and change individual system settings from the comfort of your computer. User-friendly designs address the user directly and ensure easy operation. This is how every one of your employees can prepare fresh coffee every day, exactly how they like it. On request, we can also deliver new filling products, cups, saucers and much more on a regular basis. Therefore, you can put in minimal effort and still look forward to a tasty and aromatic cup of coffee.

More than just coffee

With great-tasting coffee, your employees are always kept happy. Reaching for the fully-automatic coffee machine makes morning tiredness vanish and helps you get through the afternoon fatigue. So, our automatic machines only prepare tasty and unrivalled coffee. Treat yourself, your guests and your team to a moment of pleasure with a speciality coffee of their choice. Thanks to our excellent customer service and specially developed system solutions, you never have to worry about a thing. We accompany you every step of the way and take you into the world of coffee and flavour with our fully-automatic coffee machines for the office.