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Service for coffee machines

Our customer service is something just for real coffee-lovers: always present, always personal, always your partner - simply put, we are there when you need us!

Proper customer service to round off your enjoyment.

With our fully-automatic machines and accessories, you are already on the brink of enjoying the perfect cup of coffee. The only thing missing is Kaffee Partner's customer service, which we would like to present now. From initial consultation about choosing products up to technical support, we are at your side - just sit back and relax!

Telephone service hotline for fully automatic coffee machines

You can rely on us:

  • Fast installation, maintenance and repair of your fully automatic coffee machine
  • Configuration of the coffee machine according to your coffee taste
  • Technical support through our hotline
  • Remote maintenance and support thanks to telemetry module
Coffee machine is repaired by technician

We guarantee:

  • Timely replacement of the descaling filter
  • Annual maintenance of the fully automatic coffee machine
  • Provision and installation of spare parts
  • Complete inspection of the machine according to the user manual
  • Electrical inspection according to VDE
Coffee Partner customers are satisfied with us

We have made it: TÜV certification with the overall grade "good" (1.9)

TÜV confirms: Kaffee Partner scores with friendly service and high product quality. 87.6% of respondents are very satisfied or satisfied overall with the range of products offered by Kaffee Partner GmbH and would recommend Kaffee Partner and its products to others.

Experten Hotline

Online support

Simply create a service order online

To process your service request as quickly as possible, you can use our service form. We will immediately send the form to our technical experts, who will immediately attend to your service case. You will then be contacted by us in a timely manner.

Do you need telephone support now? Then feel free to call us directly.
Technician hotline: +49 (0) 541 75045-400 (Info on accessibility)
Information hotline: +49 (0) 541 75045-140 (Info on accessibility)

A technician from Kaffee Partner observes making two cups of coffee.

Simply competent

150 experts at your back and call!

One quick look at our service fleet is enough to know that we take reliability, availability and partnership very seriously: 150 of our permanent service engineers function as your comprehensive taste-backup for when disaster strikes. Personally, quickly and competently, they protect the long-term enjoyment of Kaffee Partner coffee in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Simply personal

Customer service, just as you need it.

At Kaffee Partner, we are there for you, at any time and directly as you need us. We can show you the best coffee machine for your needs and then provide support, right up to the point of sipping your perfect cup. Even after that, we are always available for you personally.

Telemetry integrated in coffee machines

Beverage configuration by telemetry!

Simply convenient
Coffee machines that can not only be configured from a distance, but can also order coffee themselves, have been produced at Kaffee Partner since 2011. Telemetry is the magic word that has put Kaffee Partner a step above the rest in terms of coffee convenience.

Enjoyment you can see

Are you just having a first look or looking for technical details on our coffee machines? Here, you can download the documents and operating instructions for the Kaffee Partner coffee machines.

Enjoy cappuccino from Gastro fully automatic coffee machine in café

More than 70,000 customers have decided.

Kaffee Partner is their partner in bringing joy! From bakers to hairdressers and dentists, from offices to retail: We cherish all our happy connoisseurs - and all our new customers too!

Happy customers

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Comprehensive services provided for all our coffee machines nationwide

With our high-quality, fully-automatic coffee machines, it is no longer difficult to enjoy the taste of classic coffee and other brewed speciality coffees at your business. And to be able to enjoy a perfect cup every day, the correct functioning of our coffee machines is of paramount importance, meaning that possible issues should be quickly detected and remedied. With our remote maintenance and service engineers, we can repair anything in the shortest time possible. With our fully-automatic coffee machine service, you have the perfect support in being able to always provide your employees or visitors with the best drinking experience possible.

This is why we consider our customer service to be 'full-service', which means that you can count on us for anything to do with our coffee machines without fear of costs and circumstances. It is not just our customer service hotline who are there for you in case of problems with your coffee machine, but also, for any general questions you have on our products and the coffee machines presented here, we are happy to provide expert advice on-site!

Friendly coffee machine customer service - on-site and over the phone

If there are any problems with your coffee machine, you can tell us about it in two different ways. Firstly, this can happen automatically, as some of our machines can send an examination directly to us by telemetry, diagnosing and making suggestions for repairing the device remotely. You can also reach our coffee machine service team easily through our hotline, open seven days a week. Technically trained staff listen to your suggestions and wishes and can arrange our service engineers to be sent out to you to have a look at your coffee machine and make any necessary repairs. Our fleet comprises more than 130 service engineers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, guaranteed to find you as quickly as possible, thanks to modern GPS navigation.

In many cases, it is even possible to do without a visit from the service engineer, thanks to our over-the-phone coffee machine service team, who can conveniently lead you through different maintenance and repair procedures, step by step. Even with the most basic understanding of technical devices, you can effortlessly resolve issues and bring your coffee machine back to its usual state. Whether over the phone or on-site - you can expect well-trained expertise from every Kaffee Partner employee, all of whom are familiar with all of our fully-automatic coffee machines and are able to offer you the ideal coffee machine customer service. We believe that an authorised and competent repair service for your coffee machine is fundamental.

Our advanced coffee machine service: Advice on devices and their function

Naturally, if you are one of our customers, we are always by your side. Questions on how best to equip your office and work space with a contemporary coffee machine are asked long before a machine is bought or rented, and we can also offer you help with this. If, for example, you can't figure out which device in our diverse range can best meet the needs of your office or restaurant, we offer an extensive and cost-free initial consultation. This can be done over-the-phone, or one of our experts can visit you on-site, to give you a better idea of the needs of your business taking into account all of its particularities.

This allows us to understand your needs, and then provide the right, flexible solution for the supply of coffee and other drinks to your company. Each fully-automatic coffee machine hits the mark with a variety of unique speciality coffees and therefore, this variety should be considered when choosing a machine for your company. Thanks to many years of experience, we are entrusted with the wishes and needs of small and medium-sized business and you can share in our know-how too. Benefit today from our coffee machine service and contact us, so you can have tasty coffee in your workplace every day!